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Subfloor Excavation

  • We have a range of machines capable of excavation under or within buildings. Our low clearance and narrow access machines have been underground, inside houses and down elevators to get the hardest of jobs done.
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Carpark / Driveway Removal & Preperation

  • We can help remove old concrete or sealed driveways and/or prep new areas to be used as extra car parking or new driveways on new or existing properties.
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Retaining Walls / Drainage

  • We can build, repair and assist i the replacement & building of retaining walls. Drilling up to 600mm and as deep as 4m.
  • We can quote and supply materials for the retaining wall . Ask about installation 
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Tipper , Truck & Operator hire

  • We can offer a 3ton truck, digger and operator for $110+GST per hour to complete any jobs you may require. Clearing fill away and bringing back new soil or material for any Job. 2 operators , Truck & Digger can be offered for $160+gst PH.
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Section Leveling / Clearing

  • We can assist in garden/ tree stump removal and the clearing and/or leveling of your section. Remove concrete, soil and green waste from site.
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Drainage, Drilling, Footpaths & Trenches

  • We can cut or maintain new paths and walkways , even those only 80cm wide. 
  • Drilling deck piles, sump pits, tree plantings, 100mm-600mm wide and upto 4000mm deep
  • Cut drainage fields for wet lawns, bury metal and coil, tap into storm water systems
  • Trenching for electrical , water, fiber, gas lines.